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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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this podium oh, by the way, did i introduce thomas and paling their construction is they're game they know about machinery i don't know about their teaching me and wanted to see how it's going my grandchildren from new york. they've ridden on the subway they wanted to see how one is built in california had a they're my special vip pits i've said his role as mayor and the chevy administration officer knows how to get the job done an operational manager it's not mystery i continued the great work of the previous mayors but he was effective working with
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the mayors before so thank you that mayor for honoring us with your leadership i yield to the that distinguished mayor >> (clapping) >> thank you leader pelosi and it's a delight to have you here also with those young kids michael i think we can get h a my own card right-of-way. i'm delighted i know leader pelosi is absolutely right and chosen one of the most exemplar projects certainly our city has seen here today with the san francisco mta xhishsz, the planning commission folks and our sf leader katie is here as well its a milestone after milestone when in the backdrop the central subway project is so important i remember leader pelosi when we began this
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conversation in the early years really to trying to figure out how we could access those american recovery act to be a dumb u jump start for us in san francisco we needed it at the height felt great recession and it came at the right time with the initial investments now over a billion dollars in the project you see what has come about this project has been one of the critical foundation but why today a few years later we'll boast about a 4.5 employment rate i putting americans to work is so important in project is a couple of months ago director reiskin and i looked at the tunnel borrowing machines helping them get out of the ground a huge milestone it's
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burn a safe project for the men and women they know about safety what their tunneling very deep underground and marcus making sure this station with union square and the scare station and along with the chinatown station we're doing well, that the conversation has literally changed they want this done all the way to fisherman's wharf that's why leader pelosi is here today, we need to brag about the success stories those kinds of projects not only the jobs and investments we've made but you look at the 8 hundred and 50 thousand of hours construction hours that are logdz on this project so far look at it's investment in small businesses. over $1275 million has been contracted to the small business expires because of this project
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it's done well and right (clapping) yourselves local people that have been trained and sits across from the conference center and continues to feed that great, great hospitality industry that is at the head of a lot of industries in san francisco hiring more people in the hotel and i'm proud for a multitude of reasons but people took risks for american workers that's why we want to talk about the build american bonds that lorp was talking about we need american to continue building we can build nor roads and bridges we can take this to clean energy and solar raise and other types of buildings that america needs
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we can take this further that's why the principles that go along with that this frontage exemplifies all of those triblts he at the same time, we can have a national conversation about raising people's minimum wage the lowest wage earners in america we've got that on the ballot in which it honors laborers and businesses and people that workout nonprofits we've brought them together and america can did do that request leader pelosi's help and the point they'll have the ability to raise minimum wage inventing here and across the have a r country so build americans bond
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acts and director reiskin will talk about that but i want to introduce someone i've had the privilege of working with to get things done he's the guy that gets things done despite the challenges a long way but gets to work with an array of agencies that are committed not only to build but to do it to get more jobs out there and to help our needy to make sure we raise the minimum wage. i give you and i yield to him the director of our mta director reiskin (clapping) >> thank you mr. mayor and ma'am, leader the central subway was a jump start for san francisco when we started work here it's a great veemgs felt kind of infrastructure
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environmentalist we're capable of chief of police in the great united states a project like this doesn't just happen the leader said we've been through presidential terms even through many secretaries of transportation many mayors but leader pelosi has from the start been a steadfast champion for this project and it's really one of the key reigns wearable to stand here and demonstrate to sfro san francisco and say to the country our progress. this project is critically important to the future of transportation therefore the future of our economy and city and making great progress we've completed the tuning $255 million contract the project got done ahead of schedule and created jobs behind us the mucus station which will connect to the muscone
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conference center that will be expanding but most critically making the corrections this central subway for the light rail the first phase in completed in 2007 that resorted san francisco after a 50 year hiatus the central subway will be 50 blocks south of here connecting southeast of the city to the most illegally populated neighborhoods in the united states the day the subway opens for obispo that will be a busy day with the right planning and the right leadership what we can make investments that help our cities and our economy but in the meantime, we're going to put people to work that will inspire fire chief generation i want to acknowledge my board they make
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the budget and contracts we've got a great chairman tom nolan and others that have joined us they're working hard everyday everyday and want to acknowledge cindy wu and others this are working with the mayor to make sure that we were able to get this investment in san francisco. we're extremely supportive and the leadership that leader pelosi is bryan object the national stage we're trying to demonstrate what this can do and asking the san franciscans in november to accept the bond like the subway investments will create jobs and great transportation benefits in the long-term we're pleased to be able to demonstrate to the country what we can do in investing in our infrastructure
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and connecting communities. so i want to thank all the folks that have joined us i have the great honor to bring you are forward a woman who has been a force in creating things in san francisco the central subway is subject to by america laws that all resourcing comes from the united states we have our own versus through sf made that is devoted to supporting and protecting local murray's and local production we're lucky to have this organization this is lead by someone that is building and breathing and figuring out how to get more production into our economy and get more people working i'm happy to welcome up our director of sf made
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(clapping.) >> good morning. so i want to talk about san francisco as a national model for a maker city i thought about standing here talking about manufacturing and building is really all kindred spirit claiming the potential for the urban areas of this country to house this industry of the innovation and the creative class that isn't that true san francisco has brought together that's the power in what we see happening today when i look at the project like the central subway project i see the section are these and jobs and a transformation of the city accident take place h escape but it's a commitment to the manufacturing sector our siktsd in the city we have 5 hundred
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and 40 active manufacturers that has doubt the administrators we've had since sf was launched in the heart of the recession i want to say when we talk about national prongz programs like make ♪ america the first program that baend was the original jobs now i have to give credit to nancy pelosi for her leadership jobs now, if you remember the original version go acted like an intrirm program through that placed individuals who worked chronically underemployed continue to have them in the jobs for at&t a year with the sub decided wage to continue that program were not successful but 80 percent of the people placed in the program in the
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manufacturing seerth were remained by their employer so henship works so as we move forward for paid apprenticeship helps people in small businesses with manufacturing that is money well spent. going back to the maker of the economy we've created together i can't echo in view of what director reiskin said we're creating a model around infrastructure and how to connect with the diverse populations back which murray's and honestly setting a model that other cities are looking to reenergize allergies and aspire inspire folks that a construction job as well as a
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expire to work and accurate things in tim buck too that brought folks from chinatown and will have direct access for their workers to get to work that we are remilking for the next generation to be a maker at sf we're proud to be on on the forefront i want to credit mayor ed lee and the folks of san francisco mayor ed lee is an official maker mayor, we saw for the first time the white house hosting a maker fair. so the spotlight is on us we have the national alliance and san francisco is a co-founder of that organization so let's show the rest of the country what is the possible by modeling here in san francisco keep up the great work
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(clapping.) thank you very much kate. congratulations to you on the success of san francisco that we have made we first were talking about when we were making clothing and their building central subway in a non-translate briz bvrz businesses for women it's remarkably and under gaming leadership the project was so successful that took up many, many jobs in california we were so in the lead the mayor continued that of course, and what was important about it is you had monitoring and we would go to the centers for young people where they were being mentored and see them in the work place and the satisfaction of their employer and every step was successful we don't want to
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leave anyone behind >> thank you to our friends in labor michael thank you ero for your support. central to borrow a word central to much of sth is raising the winging and san francisco has been on the forefront and on the ballot we have that initiate to raise the minimum wage that's important we want to value work as we attract people and drawing draw them in we want them to be able to have a decent wage by also it's essential to our economy because that money is spent a lot of immediately by people who are on margin spent immediately ejecting demand injecting demand into the economy that's one of the most more stimuli it comes together
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in this initiate it all comes together on those projects. so we're very, very excited and san francisco made has been nothing the fastest growing part of our economy are women and minority owned businesses and san francisco again leads the way in n that regard technique we'll be focusing on education and equality day we'll be talking about when women success america many succeed and the mayor talked about the build america bonds we had in place when the president took office so many initiate were started around that it happens when the interest rates were although, the municipalities and states were able to reap the numerous benefits part of that was 0 to
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renew the bonds to take advantage of those opportunities to build the infrastructure of america i thank the people of san francisco for in their involvement individually officially through the boards commission and, of course, through the mayor's office this has been public-private partnership and grassroots it's been labor and business and management a collaborative effort and that's what makes that a success and makes it a model for the nation so thank you san francisco once again
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(clapping) >> well, i'm not familiar with the particulars and not current on the arrangement i do think the governors tried hard to keep the good paying jobs in our country and state of california i think it doesn't have to be a choice that harms the environmentalist as we grow the economy by the production of bart is an important initiate that will protect the environmentalist as well again, we're here to talk about local and national i don't want to speak to my characterizationtion of the governors action i'm not familiar with that i don't know if everyone else wants to speak but i support the governor's effort to keep the great jobs in
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the state but have the balance between growing the economy and protecting the environment that's essential and the mayor said it's nonld essential in the balance we should chief but a formula for connect all the things we're talking about are done in the virl assigned way we're talking about reducing emissions about moving people taking them out of their cars and moving people all of it as ed said buy american the labels buy in america we want those to be green technology at the end of the day so we have a cash foot to the extent possible this is not only a one of the considerations it's a fundamental vail fundamental value of how we do this in a
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village sound way. >> i also think that infrastructure you know for california now, it's also going to be the water infrastructure that we need to really think and fund that's a current debate in sacramento but i agree whooeld r wholeheartedly with leader pelosi position and the manufacturing for the future the green house gas emissions we ought to give more consideration to that product. (inaudible) >> by 200 r 2018 (inaudible).
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>> for those how didn't hear bits about equality. those union jobs i know that mike knows that better than everyone else here our middle-class jobs for workers that want to earner their way forward the more projects that are infrastructure related and transportation related and water is from related for good paying jobs that i expect tesla to pay are all part of reestablishing and making sure we don't lose the middle-class that is the whole purpose of buy the american bonds act it is reestablishing what we have for the middle-class we need to do more in san francisco we need to do more and part pftd my responsibility is to build enough housing aimed at the sector with helping the low income >> i didn't say another piece
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of our make it in america one piece is to stop tank breaks to companies that send jobs oversees instead of companies that produce good paying jobs in america and build jobs in america but if are your a company that wants to raise the pay and you want to go on behalf of a million dollars a year you can't take an additional tax write that off unnecessary unless i gave a raise to our employees because the income equality is a reality it's a growing gap and it's something that must be addressed so we can use the tax code to say we don't resent success we recognize that people take risks their xrirl
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they maybe worth of the increase by not sub disby the american people by giving them a write off if you want to you have to give a raise to our employees that is thinking in a different way this is a bill chris and in the first one hundred days in the democratic majority we'll passes r pass those pyritic's legislation but this goes to the heart of your question what is important to note is structurally its not anecdotal it's real go back 40 years ago the disparity between the ceo and the workers was about foments; right? mike and product rows and the pay rose and the workers so it went together productivity and ceo raise that's called stakeholder
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capital liberalism you made decisions in terms of investors and the community at large and your customers the stakeholders in our community. somewhere about a do so years ago maybe two it become she can't recall capitalism that had one thing the bottom line that means that now as productivity rises worker's wages stagnate and the ceo goes up liam like this it's about 350 others say 4 hundred times the ceo pay versus the worker it's a right acknowledge going in the wrong direction it must be addressed with no - with all the respect
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in the world with achievement and awards in the workplace but you understand that success comes from the worker and if that bottom line is big and the ceo pay is big because of the expectation of the workers we're not going to underwrite it in the tax code that's why it's there and something that applies offer over the country we're blessed in the competition for space it makes a great challenge for the mayor but we're here to help over 7, 8, 9 with probably more affordable housing coming in san francisco and more initiate and low income tax credits and all kinds of projects recognizing that here boston and washington in some places where the cost of housing is having the balance of low income families in our city that
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is something we value. yes, ma'am >> (inaudible). >> well, i also it's a difference but 2 will be our hope because electives are about two i elect to fill the job and the debate to the american people know the choices so one thing it could happen hearing a drumbeat for the minimum wage maybe more republicans will come on board and hearing the entire really the interest of the american people for building the san francisco for america they see it relates to the quality of their lives and the success of their businesses that maybe change their mind we want to use the campaign to see where you are on the minimum wage and equal worth and where are you on
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building the infrastructure and where are you on the cutting of the interest rates and the student loans and jobs and education and when women succeed america successes when affordable chaefr pays raising the minimum wage we hope that the outcome of the election they'll embrace those when discussions are made we get rejected every time we bring up the raising the minimum wage harry reid gets the recreation but the act it's one of the best things you can do it grow the economy is increase the minimum wage you may not know a lot of people that make the minimum wage or maybe you do but i thank
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you for whatever you make because it's about consumer power. and raising the minimum wage gives consumer power injefferson county demands and gross the economy it's about growth where are you on growth who's side you come down on in supporting the growth a bigger disparity in income we're very excited it's not all the things that people think of concerning a campaign but about job creation that's the major concern of american people thank you all for being here thank you, very much.much.
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years. >> i'd like to call this month to month of the san francisco disaster council to order if everyone can find a seat. thank you all for being here and on fairly late notice we gave 72 hours of notice after this week's quake. i'm going to i'm going to turn it over to mayor edwin lee for opening remarks par good afternoon. welcome and again, thank you to ebbs members of our disaster council for assembling users together before we begin let me ask